Our Services

The Accel SMA Investment Platform Provides:

Fully vetted world class investment managers, representing multiple asset classes, selected for their expertise in one or more performance risk attributes allocated into customized absolute return portfolios utilizing managed accounts for transparency, cost efficiency and liquidity. 

Individually customized and managed fixed income portfolios

*  Taxable and tax free bond portfolios

*  Access to local municipal transactions

*  Conviction and goals based portfolios

*  And superior execution

Enhanced tax efficiency, asset protection, and privacy available for multiple asset classes through insurance dedicated funds (IDF) created by Accel IDF Solutions

Sophisticated Technology custom designed for family offices which includes

*  Reporting on Accel family office proprietary programs

*  Consolidated reporting for all family office assets

*  On-line reporting is available 24/7 with portfolio valuations updated as of the previous nights close

Access to

*  Private equity

*  Angel investors

*  Venture capital expertise