Management Team


Kenneth D. Trumpfheller | Company Founder

Mr. Trumpfheller began providing investment programs to Investment Advisors in 1995 by creating low cost, turnkey, mutual fund series solutions.  At the time, this was a revolutionary process that enabled Advisors to manage their own mutual funds without having to modify or increase expenses of their investment management practice.  In today’s marketplace, this turnkey process has become the industry standard for money managers entering into the mutual fund industry.

Efficient solutions are now being pioneered for firms with high net worth investor clients providing the ability to enter this currently exclusive Insurance Dedicated Fund (IDF) industry.

Ken Trumpfheller has been Chairman of the Investment Committee and Chief Compliance Officer of Access Fund Management, LLC since 2003 and also founding General Partner of Access Performex, LLC and Access Fund Partners LLC.  In these roles, he has overseen the management and operations of 16 “fund of funds” limited partnerships and IDF Funds.  Included in his responsibilities were the initial fund and investment manager search and selection processes along with ongoing monitoring and asset allocation of fund assets to Hedge Funds, Commodity Trading Advisers Funds, Separate Account Managers, Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UIT).

Mr. Trumpfheller has over thirty years of experience in creating and managing investment products and programs and brings an invaluable operational and executive management skill set to the financial services industry.  Coupled with his previous experience as a registered securities principal managing or supervising investment company products and variable contracts, it ideally suits him to the investment industries money management and distribution missions.

Ken was President and Managing Director of Unified Fund Services, Inc. (2000 to 2003). Prior to their merger with Unified, Mr. Trumpfheller was President of AmeriPrime Financial Services, Inc. and AmeriPrime Financial Securities, fund administration and distribution firms, from their founding in 1994 until their merger.  Mr. Trumpfheller was also President and Chairman of the Board of Trustee of AmeriPrime Funds, AmeriPrime Advisors Trust and AmeriPrime Insurance Trust until 2003, and was Chief Investment Officer and Compliance Officer of Access Variable Insurance Trust from 2004 to 2005.

Before that, Mr. Trumpfheller held key product development and management roles with SEI Investments and Federated Investors including coordinating—with key banking, investment advisory and broker/dealer partners—the development of proprietary funds and investment programs for distribution in their respective markets, a process that extended beyond strategic and operational issues to include tactical implementation of marketing plans via customized packaging and distribution solutions. Mr. Trumpfheller is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Accounting.