Company History


The Accel management and advisory teams bring significant financial services experience to the investment management process, specifically regarding manager/strategy due diligence and the creation of multi-manager/multi-strategy absolute return portfolios. Our principals pioneered a revolutionary process of providing low cost, turnkey, mutual fund management programs to investment advisors in 1995 (now the industry standard).

Accel provides innovative solutions for major U.S. insurance carriers, including providing multi-manager insurance funds which was included in variable life and variable annuity insurance products.  Accel also creates and manages multi-manager funds of funds, including insurance dedicated funds (IDF's).

The founder of Accel also previously developed and administered multiple IDFs on major US insurance carrier’s private placement insurance platforms and received notable mention regarding multi-manager/strategy funds of funds and IDF solutions in both editions of “Conquer the Crash”, a New York Times bestseller, written by Robert R. Prechter, Jr (also author of the “Elliott Wave Principle”).