The Accel SMA Investment Platform:

Provides a global selection of thoroughly vetted managers who have successfully weathered a full-market cycle, having demonstrated their ability to remain true to their style/strategy during all market conditions


Accel is committed to the monitoring and enforcement of each manager’s adherence to their mandated investment style/strategy. This increases the reliability of absolute return managed portfolios 

Continually monitoring what may become the Next Generation of Undiscovered Managers that offer different strategies and unique combinations of performance risk attributes which will make new contributions to our allocation methodology, which is why Accel continues to add emerging managers to our “watch list”


The Accel SMA investment platform is a fully transparent, cost-efficient and liquid platform designed to provide access to exceptional managers in multiple asset classes, offered in Custom-Designed Managed Accounts.

Accel IDF Solutions

Accel IDF Solutions, an Accel affiliated program, provides tax-deferred and tax-free solutions, wrapped around Accel investment managers, as well as “preferred” managers of high net worth individuals and family offices. 

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